Some Brutal Honesty Never Hurts

I want to talk for a moment about the nature of this blog, and perhaps shed some light on why I am doing this.

The concepts put forth in my blog are not entirely unique, which is a fact that I am aware of. I am not posturing as a raw innovator, creating new and inspiring ideas on a daily basis. Most of the posts that have to deal with subjects like mindset, motivation, discipline, training protocol, and nutrition are all concepts that are relatively new to me, and the way this blog should be approached is something like this:

I don’t know everything. I am not an absolute authority. In the grand scheme of things, I am just figuring out how to apply some amazing, life-changing ideas that I’ve discovered over the past few years. This blog is about these ideas, and how I’ve applied them to my life, as a relative newcomer to this new world. My actions, directly influenced by these ideas, have turned my life from an absolute trainwreck into one of exponential improvement. If you are in dire need of turning your life around, my blog is a great place to start, as it was not long ago that I was in your shoes, and many of these ideas are a massive shift from my old way of doing things, and are not easy to just jump in and tackle.

I didn’t just all of the sudden, decide to wake up one day at 6:00 in the morning, make some coffee, fire off an hour of P90X cardio, take a cold shower, develop an abundance mindset, fast until 4:00 PM, knock out 10 sets each of deadlifts and pull-ups, practice positive self-talk, trim up my disgusting, unkempt beard, eat six eggs, asparagus, and steak as my only meal, quit drinking cold turkey, block all porn sites from my computer, dump my aggro-bitch of a girlfriend for a sweet, feminine girl, and quit my job to work on my blog, my book, and my other businesses.

It didn’t happen that way. It took a lot of time. It took actual exposure to these ideas, thought, apprehension, denial, discipline, failure, and eventually, a shitload of hard work.

I have a lot of hard work to do. I am still over 20% body fat. I live in a cold, unpleasant city I do not want to live in. I haven’t gotten myself to where I want to be, but every day gets me closer.

If I would have placed the 2012 version of myself into my current life, he simply wouldn’t hack it. He’d be lying on the floor crying about wanting to go back to bed. He wasn’t physically or mentally strong enough for it, and didn’t have the knowledge and experience, just like the 2015 version of myself would not be able to hang with the 2017 version of myself.


2012 vs. 2015 – The results of progress. A full-body shot from 2012 couldn’t even be located, due to how embarrassed of myself I was.