Hello, Reader and Friend.

My name is Brian. I was born in 1981, in a suburban town in the Mid-Atlantic.

I spent my twenties as a fat, disgusting, lazy piece of shit with no ambition, will power, or work ethic. No one respected me. I was a clown.


A typical Friday night for me from 2001-2012

At best, my life was barely mediocre, and I spent most of my time away from work “just killin’ time and havin’ fun”. I was a slave to doing “what felt good”, but wondered why my life would bounce from one disaster to the next. I constantly had the mentality of a person who had just been sucker punched. Stunned, wondering what had just happened, and thrashing around violently and emotionally with no purpose or goal. Just after I hit my thirtieth birthday, I could no longer live with the pathetic shell of a man that I had become. I vowed to make the climactic shifts needed in my life, and to “kill” my old self.

I have spent the past three years following through on that promise to myself, through self-education, hard work, self-control, and by making some very difficult decisions.

My life today, although not glamorous, wonderful, or perfect, is nonetheless one that I could not have envisioned three, or even two years prior:

  • I am in the gym or doing cardio six days a week.
  • I am in control of my caloric intake and macronutrient content, and can manipulate my body to build muscle or burn fat, based on how I apply this control.
  • I supplement not for pleasure, but for the enhancement of my body and brain.
  • I do not consume any alcohol or partake in the use of any recreational drugs.
  • I do not participate in distractions like video games or watching TV when there is always something more important to be done.
  • I am mindful and have learned to actively control my thoughts and moods.
  • I am relentless in my pursuit of developing several location-independent businesses.
  • I am constantly self-educating, and pushing myself further.
  • I have a happy, healthy relationship with a beautiful, caring, feminine woman who complements me well.

Downhill Mountain Biking has been my passion, since the age of 12, and still plays an important role in my life. However, in the past three years, this activity has grown to share the spotlight with a second passion; radical self-improvement.

Yes, this blog is about downhill, and it’s about weight training. It’s also a blog about nutrition, cooking, mindset, entrepreneurship, successes, failures, and motivation. It also has a lot of useful links to some of the resources I have used to turn my life around. They come from several sources, but three in particular have made a colossal impact, and deserve to be cited at least as much as I already do (If it wasn’t for these guys, I would not exist in my current form, and neither would this blog). Please do yourself a favor and, in addition to mine, visit the three most influential, informational, and inspiring sites on the internet:

Good Looking Loser

Danger and Play

Bold and Determined

I live my life with two “mission statements” in mind. “I will go to bed tonight a better man than the one who woke up this morning” and “My future self will have reason to thank me for today”. That’s simply the way I choose to live my life, and, if I need to sum it up, the endgame of this blog.


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