Ride Hard / Lift Heavy is Changing

The purpose of this blog isn’t as easy to define as it once was.

It started off in August of 2015. My goal was to write about the correlation between Downhill Mountain Biking and weight training.

It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. I had been writing for some time, and knew enough about the subject to qualify as an authority on it. But the underlying issue was that I needed to conquer my fear of others reading my writing.

At first, no one did. I didn’t tell anyone about the site. I wrote in a bubble, published articles that would be viewed by myself and myself alone. The point of this, though… the writing was now out there. Anyone COULD see it (even if they didn’t).

It didn’t take long for me to re-focus. Sure, if I would have gone through the proper channels, I could have had a mountain bike-centric audience. But I wouldn’t have liked the people reading my site. I had to take a look at myself and realize that being a mountain biker wasn’t my dominant defining characteristic anymore, and I no longer identified with the vast majority of the people in that community. It was still part of my lifestyle, but had taken a back seat to fitness, nutrition, mindset and entrepreneurship.

In November, I got on Twitter and actively started interacting with like-minded men. I found a world within a world of people doing precisely what I was shifting towards: writing about whatever was on their mind, offering free information to help others better themselves.

People started reading this site, and some of my articles here found a healthy audience (even when I release and promote a new post, they don’t do as well as the popular ones).

But the truth of the matter is that my focus isn’t 100% on this site. Not even close, in fact. I’m getting the ball rolling with a few small businesses, and they absolutely devour my time.

The other huge time-suck is my books. I mentioned them a while ago, and they’ve been eating up a massive chunk of my writing time. Have you ever tried to write a great blog post after spending ten hours of writing and editing material about an entirely different subject? If not, I can verify that it’s extremely challenging, and has produced 19 drafts of articles that I’m simply not happy with.


The books themselves, without going into too much detail, are going to be game-changers for a lot of people. I’ve never seen the subject matter (All three are separate yet related… I’ll get into that when they’re closer to being finished) covered as extensively, with as many practical examples.

As far as this site is concerned… it will always exist. It’s slated to become my major focal point as soon as I can devote more energy towards it. My books will fall under the umbrella of this site. Ride Hard / Lift Heavy is home base for me. There’s simply a lot I want to do on here that I just don’t have the time for right now.

There really is quite a bit in the pipeline, the books notwithstanding. I’ve recorded a few more podcasts, and am shooting a short “Day in the life” video in a few days that should give more insight as to who I am. Every single one of those draft articles will be released at some point. Although they’re not ready to fly, it’s without a doubt the best writing I’ve ever done. I cover subjects I’ve never seen addressed, and also give my two cents on some fairly popular subjects in this particular community.

I know in this corner of the internet, it’s as easy to lose an audience as it is to build one. For a site to get lost, passed over and ignored in the stack of countless blogs is fairly common, as I’ve done it myself. For those of you who do stop by from time to time, I do truly appreciate it. I hope you’re able to take something valuable from what I write.

Thanks for reading,

Brian @ RH/LH



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