Getting Out Of The Woods

In my last post, The December Equation; I talked about the challenges that the month presented to me. January was intended to be a low-stress ramp up to a great 2016. I am no longer working full time. I am abundant in time, in energy, in resources. All of the ingredients to meet my challenges are in place.

Unfortunately, some events happened (and are continuing to happen) that are beyond my control.

  • I was informed at the beginning of the month that a relatively simple legal matter with my former employer was now being frivolously contested. This means a commitment of significantly more time and energy on my part, which is their goal. They want to make things as difficult for me as they can. To make a long story short, they are fighting to not pay me money that I am legally owed.
  • My Uncle Gene suffered a major stroke, followed by a major heart attack late last week. He sadly passed away on Sunday.
  • My Sister, who is autistic, has been hospitalized for what doctors believe to be a digestion problem. She is non-verbal, so getting to the bottom of the matter is not as simple as asking her what the problem is. She has been in the hospital for nearly a week, and her condition has not improved significantly. Between visits with her, I am giving my parents a much-needed hand at their house, 45 minutes away, as they spend the majority of their time at the hospital.
  • We are scheduled to get slammed with a significant snowfall this weekend, further complicating the large amount of driving that I need to do over the next three days.

None of this is good. In years past, I would have already been dealing with a host of problems on top of these new ones. I was scarce. Text messages and calls come in constantly. I am always inundated with information, requests, and questions from people who depend on me. If I was already embroiled in things like workplace stress, a bad relationship, and late bills, it would add up to an avalanche. I would get buried.


Artist’s rendering.

Now, things are different. I am in the moment. I don’t lose my composure. I know where I stand, and how to adapt. As I already mentioned, I am abundant. All of the ingredients I need in order to meet my challenges and help my loved ones are already in place.

  • I will weather the storm with my former employer and emerge with every penny that I am owed. The actions they have taken are meant to be a nuisance to me. When they have attacked me, I have counterattacked with everything at my disposal. They will back down first, because I absolutely will not, under any circumstances back down or compromise. They want to wear me down so I will quit. Simply put, this will not happen, and I will not allow this frivolous waste of time to affect me when I am not dealing with it directly. I am typically friendly, but If I am attacked, I do not curl up and cry. I stand my ground and destroy my enemies with no mercy.
  • I will be there in any way I can for my extended family in this time of mourning for my Uncle.
  • I will be there for my parents and my sister, and help them in any manner that they need while she is sick. I will adapt my training schedule and business activities around their needs, because this is a difficult time for them and right now, they need me.*
  • I am prepared for any sort of weather-related complications. I live in an area where this sort of thing happens, so rather than waving my arms around and screaming when the snow starts falling, I made the wise purchase of a legendary all-wheel-drive car and some aggressive, snow-specific tires. It would take a biblical amount of snow to stop me from going out and doing what needs done.

Child’s play.

* This was something I adapted directly from Gorilla Mindset. I may be misquoting, but I believe Mike said something to the effect of “I will be there for my family, as difficult as it is sometimes, as they are kind-hearted people who have supported and taken care of me”. This holds true. I have not had a great relationship with my family. I have let them down, and we have, at times, been at great odds. This has all changed over the course of the past two years.

I am getting myself out of the woods. I have already avoided the avalanche. I am making sure I don’t let myself get into a situation where I could potentially slip up, backslide, and eventually give up on my fitness goals, my business goals, and my personal goals.

I have done the most intelligent thing I could have done:

I took a step back, took a deep breath, and composed myself. I looked at what needed done, and made a plan. I accepted that it wouldn’t be easy, and adapted.

Before I know it, things will get back to normal. My sister will be healthy. My legal battle will be won. My family will mourn the passing of my Uncle, the snow will melt, and I will be back to rambling about deadlifts and steak.

Thanks for reading,




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