Progress Update

I posted a recent progress picture, and in the mirror, there isn’t much to report. From a distance, things have not really changed in the past week.

But there’s something notable that has happened over the past three or four days.

I saw a hint of it for the first time early this week, but today, it’s there every time I look in the mirror. It’s now plain as day.

My shoulders are quickly shedding their fat sheath, and are becoming more defined by the day.

As I was at my leanest in the Spring of 2014, my shoulders popped quite a bit more than they have over the last year (when my tricep and shoulder, although big, was sort of an amorphous, undefined blob of muscle under fat). I could see striations, and identify the different heads of my deltoid.


2015: Blobs, not muscles.

It’s identifiable, measurable progress, and although not a radical one, it is the small victories that snowball themselves into what becomes significant change.



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