December And What Comes With It

My last post was quite a while ago.

I’ve been silent on Twitter, and I haven’t been active on any of the forums I generally frequent. My house is a mess, and I haven’t been sticking to a reasonable schedule for lifting and cardio.


I’ve been extremely busy, and not with the things I should be busy with:

  • New Posts in this Blog
  • Re-structuring and Organizing this Blog
  • Social Media and Networking
  • My Dropshipping Business
  • My Book
  • Training
  • Nutrition


Instead, I’ve spent almost all of my time in the past week and a half on trivialities:

  • Driving all over the place for two Thanksgiving dinners.
  • Helping out a friend at his business for what has become far too much time.
  • Driving back and forth to my parents house to cut down some trees.
  • Getting my car inspected (in Pennsylvania, this is always far more complicated than it has to be).
  • A Supply-Chain Networking conference, which was not nearly as productive as I had hoped it would be.
  • Events related to my birthday. As much as I appreciate these gestures, it made the past week even busier.


The most difficult part of the equation with all of these things is this: when I am engaged in them, I lose focus. When I lose focus, I cannot give 100%. When I cannot give 100%, I don’t bother.

No one wants to read rambling, half-cocked posts on here. I’ve been down that road and have deleted numerous articles that don’t meet my current standards.

And so I found myself, when I wasn’t busy, caving in to the “Average guy” approach of zoning out in front of the TV or internet, because I was simply too sapped of resources to put any effort towards my goals.

Even now, my thoughts are drifting towards the “how and when” I’m going to drive out to my credit union, hit the gym, stop at the grocery store, and clean up my now-messy apartment today.

** At this point in the post, I had to leave, drive to my girlfriend’s workplace, and pick her up, as she got sick. I understand that these sort of things happen, but it was still a time-suck that put me an hour and a half behind schedule for today. So now, it’s not extremely likely that I’ll make it to the gym during my preferred window of time in the early afternoon when it’s practically empty.

So the real problem here: How do I eliminate these sort of problems, increase productivity, and make every day a victory?

The truth is, there’s basically no way to eliminate these time-sucks, there’s only ways to minimize their impact.

Today could be a total loss, but that’s not how I roll. What will I do today?

  • Eliminate multitasking, other than listening to some of Chris from Good Looking Loser’s podcasts on my way to and from my bank (almost an hour away).
  • Utilizing an interactive checklist (I now use Evernote) to bash out everything I need to accomplish, in order.
  • Put distractions out of my mind until the tasks at hand are finished. Only at this point will I allow myself to read a book or watch some Game of Thrones. Time is ticking away, and there’s no space in my day for goofy arguments on Pinkbike, perusing Twitter, or getting lost in aimless web browsing.

Today, I am determined to count my waking hours as a victory. Every day, I look for measurable, quantifiable evidence that I am continuing on the right track. I will go to sleep a better man than I was when I woke up. I honestly feel as though an unchanging, daily “Master Checklist” would be a great tool for this, and I may expand on this subject in the very near future.


When you are trying to improve yourself, you are always “on the clock”.



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