Phase Two

There’s going to be some big changes around here over the next week or so. Some house-cleaning, some re-focusing, and some trimming of the fat (this is just a figure of speech. I never trim the fat from my steak).


Metaphorically, of course. Although I do know how to operate an excavator.

I have been building a comprehensive post that outlines every facet of my exact, somewhat perfected fat loss protocol, broken down into plain English for beginners. This will cover everything from nutrition to meal timing, to cardio, to weight training and rest. I have guinea pigged all of this on myself, and it all works. There’s some mixing of conventional and unconventional methods in the program, and the results are like a fat-melting torch.

Look… I know there’s a million of these out there. I am aware. Mine is different, because I do not yet participate in any affiliate marketing programs, and have nothing to gain from a monetary standpoint. I have no problem with people who sell supplements, but I don’t, so there’s no rub, no angle to this program. I do not want anything from this, I simply want to see if others are getting the same results I have been. It reads like a short book, and I may even release it as such, as a free PDF.

I am cleaning up the site, deleting some of my more unfocused articles, and organizing the relevant ones into a more easy-to-navigate format. See the tabs above? They’re not functional yet, but they should be at some point over the next few days. The goal is to change the site from the hodgepodge of unorganized babble of its current state, into a leaner, meaner machine. This is my first foray into any sort of writing for an audience, so I’m learning as I go along.

I will likely be writing a lot less about Mountain Biking, especially in the upcoming five or six months. I live in the Northeastern United States, it’s late November, and I have exercise induced asthma. Until sometime in April, my bikes are nothing more than expensive ornaments in my apartment.

I will be moving forward with some other endeavors in the coming months, including my aforementioned book. I’m moving right along with this project, spending between one and four hours a day writing it, locating old pictures, and digging through my memory to give an honest account. It’s going to be released free of charge to anyone who wants it. Again, no angle, no games, no marketing bullshit. If you want to read it, it’s yours.

The basis of the book is about how I let my life fall into utter disrepair in my twenties, and how I transformed myself from an absolute failure and a slob, a 29-year-old boy, into a fit, intelligent, successful, disciplined stomper-of-asses. I detail my successes, my failures, my breakthroughs, and my breaking points. It’s revealing, sometimes embarrassing, but it’s an honest account and, based on feedback on some sample chapters, it’s worth reading.

Credit where credit is due. There’s a handful of Blog Artists, authors, webmasters, and other influential characters who’s content I simply would not be here without. They are MASTERS in their respective areas. I am working on yet another post that outlines some of their works, their websites, and their other media outlets, with brief summaries and a bit of a guide for those unfamiliar with the territory. I understand that I don’t technically owe these people anything, but the absolute least that I can do is to link to their content and explain how I have personally benefited from it. They have all released books through various channels, and I have yet to be disappointed in the slightest.

That’s it for now. If you have made your way here, look around the site. Comment. Critique. Contribute. Feel free to drop me a line at or follow me on Twitter @ridehardlifthvy




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