The war against laziness

I’ve had a lot of days that have played out like this:

Wake up late. “Oh man… I didn’t mean to sleep this long. I need to get moving.” I make some coffee and sit down on the couch to check my e-mail. Then Pinkbike. Then Danger & Play. My mind starts “working” in violent bursts in all directions.

Before I’m conscious of it, I will have not moved from the spot on the couch where I sat down four hours earlier. I’ll have 10 tabs open. I’ll be researching a better media server, reading four different articles on D&P, enlightening people with my opinion on Pinkbike, mapping out a trip I’m planning, looking up new music, and will have gotten NOTHING done.

I’ll develop a false sense of urgency. “I need to finish reading this article, or check out the benefits of this product or… (fill in the blank)”. I still haven’t done my cardio, gone to the gym, worked on this, or any of my other sites, done my dishes or my laundry, but I will have done a great many things that don’t have any sort of tangible benefit.

The next thing I know, it will be late afternoon. “I’ll do P90X at 4:00” I say to myself. Then it becomes 4:30. Then 5:00. Then 6:00.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand how I’ve completely wasted the day. I’ll never get it back.

Yesterday was different, though. I woke up late, and the routine started over again. But instead of going with it, I broke the cycle and pulled up my good friend, sticky notes.

  • I cleaned my entire house
  • I did four loads of laundry, folded them, and put them away
  • I ironed the lettering off of an old winter jacket
  • I moved my XC bike and my girlfriends bike into the basement
  • I moved my DH bike into the living room
  • I rearranged my shelves in the living room
  • I came up with an ingenious system to keep the sun out of my eyes in my living room
  • I did the dishes
  • I did a round of Kenpo X
  • I hit the gym for a shoulder, traps, and biceps session
  • I headed to the supplement store to buy some Xtend on sale
  • I bought more eggs (I go through a dozen in two days) and fiber gummies
  • I came home, got a shower, and trimmed my unruly beard.

There was more I wanted to get done, I simply ran out of time. I got all of this done between 2:30 and 11:00 yesterday, just from sitting down, writing it out, and telling myself that I had to do it.

For myself, as someone who is easily distracted, creating a list every day is absolutely vital to my goals across the board.

Or, if you’re a huge fucking nerd as I am, SCRUM that shit:



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