The importance of sustainability

This is my Achilles Heel.

I’ve gotten psyched up on a new training plan, nutrition plan, or combination of both. I mean… gung ho. Planning my day around it. Increasing everything. Making spreadsheets. Sitting up in bed until 3:00 in the morning thinking about it, googling, revising, planning.

All of the sudden, I’m in deep. Four, five days of firing on all cylinders. Then it hits me.

I’m doing too much. Way too much. It’s a flaw of mine. I go all in when I don’t have to. I burn really fucking hot, really fucking bright, and then I burn out.

The weekend will be here soon, and Fridays I’m stuck in Supply Chain class for eight hours. Well, what to do? I sit in traffic for 45 minutes thinking about how I’m going to run into my house, change, and go back out the door for the gym. Then I start to think “Shit, traffic is really bad… maybe I need to let it clear out before I head to the gym” I sit down on the couch for a little while. “I already ate shitty because of the catered doughnuts and sandwiches for lunch… is today a write-off?” The next thing I know, it’s 8:00 and my gym closes in an hour. “Goddammit. If I even make it there in time, I’ll be rushed, and I won’t be able to BLAH BLAH BLAH EXCUSE EXCUSE”

Saturday is a blur. My girlfriend had a rough week (need I mention again how she manages to pull off a full class load in med school AND work 40 hours a week in a stress-packed environment? Fucking incredible. And she got a 4.0 this semester) and wants to relax on Saturday. Done. We spend some well-needed time with each other. Saturday fades into Sunday, and we’re at her parents’ house eating a bunch of food we shouldn’t be eating. Then, Monday morning rolls around, and the leftovers are beckoning from the refrigerator.

When all is said and done, I managed to blow this week because of burning out after the crash-and-bang mayhem of last week and the justification of bad food this week. It’s Thursday night, and I’ve managed to make it to the gym twice, and eat at least relatively well.

It’s not enough. I know I need to do better.

Tomorrow, I’m in class all day. I have two options after.

Option A: Get my shit together, go to the gym as soon as I get home, then return to my house for a P90X session later in the evening.

Option B: Be a dickhead, procrastinate, get nothing done, and piss myself off.

Saturday, my girlfriend is busy all day. I can:

Option A: Do P90X early, then go to the gym later.

Option B: Be a dickhead, procrastinate, get nothing done, and piss myself off.

The solution is obvious. Also, I mentioned earlier that I’m moving into the YouTube world to supplement my writing here.

Here’s a short edit of my gym commute. Enjoy the (relatively light) traffic.


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